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The Rice Candy products come from Kanazawa.  They are called “Rice Candy”, because they are made from organic rice and intended to be like traditional Japanese candy, which is soft and gooey and eaten on a stick.  Image

Photograph of Japanese Amezaiku / Performer Masaji Terasawa at a Japanese festival in St. Louis Missouri. (public domain)
Author, Mike Smick

Amezaiku is the Japanese craft of making sculptures with the traditional taffy-like candy. You can sometimes see amezaiku artists perform at Japanese festivals. 


Kanazawa Ame-chan Jam

The Rice Candy Jam contains no added sugar, but is sweet only from the rice and wheat used to make the jam.  It is made not unlike the traditional candy, but has some fruits or vegetables added for flavor.  In the photo is a slice of bread with pumpkin jam on it.  It may look like organic honey and it is very similar to honey in consistency and sweetness.  The jam does taste like pumpkin, though.  So did the sweet potato jam that we finished last week!

The flavorful jams are available online through the Kanazawa Daichi store:

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