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I love several of these films, but especially Kik’s Delivery Service!


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What’s not to live about Studio Ghibli films? Great stories, beautiful animation, unforgettable characters, and of course attention to detail that makes you feel like you’re really there.

But sometimes, even the most careful viewer can miss a few details here and there. The YouTube channel Movie Munchies recently released a video showing off a bunch of Easter eggs hidden inside Ghibli films. And what are the Easter eggs references to? Other Ghibli films, of course!

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I believe that there are other takoyaki chefs who are as nimble as she is, but her cosplay certainly makes her uniquely attractive.


Blazing speed and precision of Osaka restaurant owner shows that even when she’s cosplaying, she’s still hard at work.

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Tokyo’s much-ballyhooed Kichijoji only makes it to number-three, while an outsider with easy access to Tokyo takes the top spot.

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The San Francisco-based deli is now offering its bagels, sandwiches and nourishing Jewish-American comfort food in the heart of Tokyo, and we visited them on opening day!  

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Tweets made by Kazuyoshi Yaginuma, director of the anime Recovery of an MMO Junkie, claim that the Holocaust and Diary of Anne Frank, among other things, are fabrications.

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How many of these 280 sets of anime eyes can you match with their characters?

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I love this post, and not because it shows not merely the complexity of some kanji. Rather, the use of repetition is a characteristic of Japanese that I love. It is not just true in kanji, but in its onomatopoeia. There are so many examples of this. These are extreme ones, which highlight the practice. One thing that is particularly common is that multiples of the same kanji not only “add” to its meaning, but in an extreme case, can even “subtract” from it.

The case of the “dragon” 龍 is particularly poignant. Three dragons together – 龘 – means a “moving dragon,” but four dragons together – 𪚥
– means “many words, verbose.” The character doesn’t even have a ASCII code, so it can’t be typed. The meaning, though, can be considered humorous.

I really love this aspect of Japanese, where repetition and wordplay coexists.


most difficult kanji topThe kanji with the most strokes – you may run out of ink before you finish writing some of these.

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I love this! There are many kanji I love, including some of these in this short list of ten. One of my favorites is simple, 木 (ki), or tree. It looks much like a tree does. It is also a root in many words, which is something that reveals much about how Chinese and Japanese view words and concepts. Adding trees together, as in 林 and 森, creates the words, loosely translated, into forest and woods. And when these three characters are combined with other characters, as in 木村, 竹林, or 森島, the resulting surnames reflect the family origins of a person: Kimura is tree-town (possibly living by the biggest tree in the village), Takebayashi is bamboo-forest (probably in their backyard), and Morishima is woods-island (one can imagine the lush woods on the island). The tree character is one of the most common kanji found in Japanese writing. For a hiker, camper, and nature-lover like me, it is a joy to find trees throughout the Japanese language!


Proves that we have a soft spot for flowers, wind, and little wavy boats.

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Tokyo Roar is a very intriguing look at japan and, of course, Tokyo. Some of the scenes are definitely not from Tokyo, but that matters little. The imagery is often breathtaking.

The filmmaker, Brandon Li, shows his love for the city with images from skyscapes, back alleys, shrines, wedding ceremony, purikura girls, bamboo groves, and the Robot Cafe. But he also shows the dark side, with homelessness and despair. It’s a wonderful journey and, at just shy of 4 minutes, a short and sweet one.


Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 13.36.40

Filmmaker and travel enthusiast Brandon Li’s latest venture ‘Tokyo Roar’ is a love letter to the world’s ultimate metropolis. This remarkable short film encapsulate’s Tokyo’s unique blend of traditional and modern, urban and nature – all in under four minutes.

But it’s not all rose-tinted positivity here. While Li’s video takes us on a winding tour of Tokyo’s dazzling streets – through pachinko parlours and hobby shops, before peeping in at bamboo groves and Shinto shrines – we also glimpse homelessness, loneliness, the grind of the daily commute.

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A very well compiled list of things I might miss, too, when I eventually leave Japan. But then again, I’d probably make many of these customary where I go! 🙂



As a reader of RocketNews24, chances are you already have a pretty big soft spot for Japan. You may even already be living in the Land of the Rising Sun or have plans to fly out just as soon as circumstances allow.

But sometimes, even when we love a place with every fibre of our being, we just can’t stay forever. Family anxiously awaiting our return; work commitments; financial constraints and more mean that, at some point or other, many of us have to wave goodbye to Japan and return to our respective homelands.

Some of the things people miss about Japan will be immediately obvious, but others tend to sink in only a few weeks or months after returning home. Today, we’re taking a look at 21 of the little things, in no particular order, that Japan does so uniquely or so incredibly well that foreigners really start to pine for them…

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