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The Smart Scissors shown here are the work of FD Inc., whose Product Designer and President is Mitsunobu Hagino.  I met Hagino-san at last year’s Eco Products 2011 Show and have connected with him on Facebook.  As in the brief biography on the FD website, Hagino-san is trained as an architect.  However, the products he showcased at the show were his well designed tools for living.  Many of these tools are part of his series, Kitchen Gadgets.

I found all of the products that FD Inc. displayed at Eco Products to be extremely well designed and extremely cool.  Part of it is because of the great colors, sleek styling, and high quality stainless steel and fluorine resin coating.  But among these products, the Smart Scissors were really quite special.  (Technically, they are not part of the Kitchen Gadgets line, but they look very much part of the same family.)

Merits of Smart Scissors

Cutting with Smart Scissors

Branch cut with Smart Scissors

First, the Smart Scissors blade is designed to cut with the least amount of effort.  If you look closely, you can see that the scissors have a blade on only one side.  The other scissor “arm” is made of a rubber that grips the branch being cut.  This enables the scissors to slice the branch or stem in a manner that is much like a knife or, really, a Japanese sword.

This is good for several reasons.  It reduces the stress, felt by the hands and fingers, so the branch cuts more easily, reducing fatigue.  It also means a smoother and cleaner cut, so a cut flower will bloom in a vase for a longer period than if the stem is damaged.  The difference is actually very clear.

Comparison of the branch cut between standard Pruning and Smart Scissors

pruning scissors cut

Smart Scissors cut

Second, the scissors’ single blade is replaceable.  While the blade can be sharpened, it is really quite difficult to do so, as the blade is small.  Even if the blade were larger, it is still quite difficult to sharpen the blade of scissors when compared to a knife.  And, really, how often do most people even bother to sharpen their kitchen knives?  The Smart Scissors blade can be released by a single locked lever.  No wonder it was awarded a Good Design Award in Japan in 2009.

The scissors come in 6 great colors.  I like the beautiful matte black, but I also prefer black shirts, pants, socks, and shoes and I have black hair (except usually shaved).  The Smart Scissors are sold online in the FD Store at ¥2,520.  Shipping costs extra, but the company provides some beautifully designed gift wrapping as well.

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