I’ve been living in Japan now for nearly 25 years, about half my life.  Though there are many things I dislike about Japan and, particularly, Tokyo, where I live, there are many things I love about the nation, its language, and culture.  After all, as a Japanese American, much of Japan is a part of me.

The name of this blog, Watch Japan, has Japanese kanji characters associated with it.  [和](Wa) is the character that means harmony, but it also is used to mean Japan, or Japanese style.  [知](Chi) is used in many Japanese words and means knowledge or wisdom.  [日本](Nihon) is, of course, the characters meaning Japan itself.

In this blog, I intend to post nearly every day something about Japan that I think is very cool.  Sometimes it will be about products, other times people, and still others history or concepts.  They will be written in English, but hopefully, through it, you will get some understanding of what is special about Japan and find some things to appreciate.