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I believe that there are other takoyaki chefs who are as nimble as she is, but her cosplay certainly makes her uniquely attractive.


Blazing speed and precision of Osaka restaurant owner shows that even when she’s cosplaying, she’s still hard at work.

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Tokyo’s much-ballyhooed Kichijoji only makes it to number-three, while an outsider with easy access to Tokyo takes the top spot.

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The San Francisco-based deli is now offering its bagels, sandwiches and nourishing Jewish-American comfort food in the heart of Tokyo, and we visited them on opening day!  

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Tweets made by Kazuyoshi Yaginuma, director of the anime Recovery of an MMO Junkie, claim that the Holocaust and Diary of Anne Frank, among other things, are fabrications.

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How many of these 280 sets of anime eyes can you match with their characters?

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