Tokyo Roar is a very intriguing look at japan and, of course, Tokyo. Some of the scenes are definitely not from Tokyo, but that matters little. The imagery is often breathtaking.

The filmmaker, Brandon Li, shows his love for the city with images from skyscapes, back alleys, shrines, wedding ceremony, purikura girls, bamboo groves, and the Robot Cafe. But he also shows the dark side, with homelessness and despair. It’s a wonderful journey and, at just shy of 4 minutes, a short and sweet one.


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Filmmaker and travel enthusiast Brandon Li’s latest venture ‘Tokyo Roar’ is a love letter to the world’s ultimate metropolis. This remarkable short film encapsulate’s Tokyo’s unique blend of traditional and modern, urban and nature – all in under four minutes.

But it’s not all rose-tinted positivity here. While Li’s video takes us on a winding tour of Tokyo’s dazzling streets – through pachinko parlours and hobby shops, before peeping in at bamboo groves and Shinto shrines – we also glimpse homelessness, loneliness, the grind of the daily commute.

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