I’ve been “studying” cosmetics the past couple of months, since Japanese Greats is beginning to work with a few cosmetics companies and I am only interested in working with companies and products I can vouch for. That being said, it is still very difficult for me to have the fine appreciation for cosmetics as a only partial user.

Still, good, healthy, supple, and moist skin is something that anyone can appreciate. I do use a range of lotions and creams to keep my skin healthy, mostly after shaving (face and head), but also after getting too much sun and, especially, when I’m tired. Not enough sleep is ravaging on health, including the skin. And the skin is one of the most important and sensitive of body organs. After all, it is the one that provides the biggest barrier between our internal organs and the outside environment!

But despite my efforts to understand what makes great cosmetics so wonderful, I have to defer the finer points to my female colleagues. I’m sure that I’ll be posting more about cosmetics – here and elsewhere online – but I don’t expect ever to be doing research like this post! Kudos to Kuv for this!

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I’ve been living in Japan for a little over 8 months. I spent most of August 2014 sweating 24/7 and I noticed that most Japanese women had perfect glowy skin, completely unaffected by the 30+ degree heat and humidity. The sensible side of me knows that the reason Japanese women look so amazing comes mostly down to science and genes, but the consumer in me wants to know what products they use to look like this. If I could reach just a fraction of that I would be delighted!

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I held off buying anything until winter as I still had my UK products from home. One morning in December I woke up with skin that felt like a paper bag. I decided that it was time to adapt and search for some products to help me…

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